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The Innovation in ESA impression roller charging and gravure printing. Gravure printing is characterized particularly by its outstanding quality of print which has been further improved by the Enulec ESA Direct Charging – Side Loading system leading to the establishment of new standards.

The maintenance free Direct Charging – Side Loading System, with its (German Gebrauchsmuster) registered design system of fluid transmission, enables best quality print results to be achieved in the gravure process whilst adhering to the highest safety standards. This technology is integrated into the products of worldwide leading machine manufacturers and is offered to gravure printers as a complete turnkey package. The distinctive feature of this fluid transmission system is the simplicity of its current transmission to the ESA style impression roller. Safe and fully controlled charging of the impression roller is ensured, even in the event of significant dirt contamination, and the system lends itself to the use of inexpensive impression rollers and sleeves.

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