An ideal tool for print quality assurance, the WIR REV Web Inspection Rewinder affords three modes of defect detection and full speed reversibility within an ergonomic layout , resulting in the precise positioning and editing of print defects and optimum management of wastage. This machine can also be adapted for the removal of edge trims, taking the load off the slitters.

Technical Specification

Maximum web width 1300 mm (1650 mm)
Maximum unwind diameter 800 mm (1000 mm)
Unwind core inner diameter 76 mm and 152 mm
Maximum rewind diameter 800 mm (1000 mm)
Rewind core inner diameter 76 mm and 152 mm
Maximum machine speed 600 m/min
Materials handled Plastic films, flexible packaging laminates

Optional Features

Edge trimming and trim extraction section for multi-track single coil slitting jobs
Splice table and waste rewind unit for compact accumulation of rejected material

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