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SELEVISCO 9000 controllers SELEVISCO 9000 control panel allows the display of data and the command execution.Each control panel manages a unit of measurement and can be applied within existing frameworks or can be supplied integrated into custom pulpits.
In manual mode, the system displays the viscosity measured by a single sensor and lets the operator add the solvent to correct the viscosity value.
In automatic mode, the system executes a comparison between the programmed viscosity value and the measured one. Based on the magnitude of this difference new solvent is added to correct the error. In case of malfunctioning or lack of solvent, the system activates the proper visual and audible alarm to alert the operator. The system has been designed to be auto-cleaning. The solvent enters directly in the measuring sensor both during the regulation step and when activating the cleaning function at the end of the job. Adequate liquids shall be used for the washing cycles according to the fluids mixture (normally the solvent used as the inks thinner).selevisco controlli bigThe supply shall be connected directly to an inlet port located on the measurement head. The data displaying and the controls are incorporated into individual synoptics for each measuring unit that can be retrofitted into existing cubicles or integrated on personalized consoles.VISCOS TS10KAlternately the measuring heads can be linked and interfaced to machineries controls through customized arrangements or to PC systems with touch screen interface based on Windows operating system and complete with specific software to job statistics.
The measuring heads and the control units are connected by electric wires thus permitting installations of these elements even with extended distances.


  • Measuring range: 9…140 sec (Ford-4)
  • Sensitivity: 0,1 sec
  • Max number of elements: 16 (Version Touch Screen) 1 (Version SV9000)
  • Alarm signal: visual, audible and relay output


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