Refreshingly robust for a cantilevered machine, the DRM REV Doctoring Rewinding Machine runs in both directions, as it salvages reel after reel to produce saleable material from unsatisfactorily wound slit coils, otherwise liable for rejection. This machine can also be adapted for print inspection and for the removal of edge trims.

Technical Specification

Maximum web width 400 mm (600 mm)
Maximum unwind diameter 400 mm (600 mm)
Unwind core inner diameter 76 mm (76 mm and 152 mm/ 70 mm)
Maximum rewind diameter 400 mm (600 mm)
Rewind core inner diameter 76 mm (76 mm and 152 mm/ 70 mm)
Maximum machine speed 600 m/min
Materials handled Plastic films, flexible packaging laminates, Paper and Aluminum foil based laminates

Optional Features

Edge trimming section for single coil slitting jobs
Splice table for registered joints
Stroboscope for inspection
Interchangeable air shafts suited to 152 mm/ 70 mm ID core


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