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Enulec presents LDS-PRO, a new innovative discharge system with 24 V input voltage The intensity of this discharge bar can be automatically adjusted to the respective application, thus allowing for  material-optimised discharging.  The NEW 24 volt fully automatic static control “LDS-Pro” can be expanded with our intelligent “ENLEC QM control for realtime display of static values with data capture and storage for providing management with static safety information in your printing and converting production process.


  • Elimination of any combination of double layer and conventional charges.
  • High effi ciency and functional range polarizing distances up to 600mm
  • Superior Discharge Performance with all pertinent static data
  • Fully approved to the latest ATEX regulations (2016)
  • Safe 100% Shock Free
  • Performance indicator with easy to read display
  • Clean bar indication
  • Quality Management with Roto-Green remote contro

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