Gravure printing is characterized particularly by its outstanding quality of print which has been further improved by the Enulec ESA Top Loading system leading to the establishment of new standards. The main feature of the Special Top Loading system is a virtually maintenance- free, air assisted charge bar, previously unknown in the gravure packaging printing industry.

Compared to the charge bars with open arrays of charging pins used in the past, this new and innovative technology offers the benefit that frequent cleaning is no longer necessary. This is achieved due to a special charge bar construction in which the charging pins are bedded completely into a small tube where they can not be contaminated by particles of ink or dust. Purged by slightly pressurised air a build up of dirt due to ink or substrate dust is prevented. In introducing this innovation, particular attention was paid to overcoming the various weaknesses associated with conventional ESA top loading systems with exposed charging needles, particularly as these relate to safety. Included among such weaknesses is the need for unwanted machine stops which are necessary due to the need for frequent and regular charge bar cleaning.

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