SELECUT 10K boasts a new and renewed graphical interface and an LCD touch screen larger than the previous model. Selecut is a single channel register control for printing presses and converting machines. Selecut is particularly adapted to maintain the front/back register and insetting.

The equipment detects the marks trough just one fiber optics scanning head. Mark recognition is automatic. The equipment includes as option an LCD screen for data setting and controlling with a digital oscilloscope. The mark detection is realized with LED fiber optics scanning heads connected to an amplifier with automatic gain control.


  • Speed 10-600 m/min
  • Sensitivity 0,01 mm
  • Maximum correctable error is settable
  • Presettable error thresholds
  • Display with longitudinal and transversal visualization
  • Programmable minimum working speed
  • Designed to control embossing, cut-off, slitting, web folding, perforation, punching and bag machines
  • It allows to keep the correct register between front and back printing
  • It permits the insetting control on pre-printed web
  • Provides a serial interface for the connection to the main computer

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