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The CNC 500 Selectra is a triple axes control (X-Y-R) and it has been designed for press brakes and shears. It is simple to install, easy to use and doesn’t require any specialist operator training. This numeric control is a cost effective solution to your everyday fabrication problems.The system, easy to use, is programmed via a front panel keyboard. In just a few short steps a program is complete. A library of standard tooling, the bend allowance and the automatic calculation of the angle minimize the programming time. Thanks to the characteristic of the immediate calculation the program is ready in just a few short steps. Alternatively, you can run the program manually, set the actual position, check processing and make the necessary corrections. 


  • Compact single module design
  • 99 programs of 9 steps each, automatic chaining
  • Sensitity 0.01 mm (0.001 inch)
  • Maximum velocity 20 m/min. (with 10 mm screw)
  • Maximum travel 1 m (5 digits)
  • Immediate conversion between mm and inch also in motion
  • Library of standard tooling (24 tools)
  • Immediate angle programming
  • N. 2 transistor drivers to control 3 DC motors (optional)
  • Programmable retract distance and time delay
  • 4 programmable auxiliary outputs
  • Automatic parameters retention
  • Programmable parts counter
  • Auto-teach mode for saving positions
  • Automatic step cycling for test and calibration


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