• For use in the paper, film and textile industry
  • Simple and fast commissioning of the web tension control
  • Variable control structure for different application scenarios: “open loop” and “closed loop”


Operating voltage 24 V DC (20 to 30 V DC)
Current consumption (without el. brake) 0.3 A
Nominal operating temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Control cycle time 1 ms
Strain gauge amplifier 2 channels
Input voltage ±20 mV/18 bit
Bridge supply 10 V
Analog inputs
Guiding value/target value/dancer position 2×0 to ±10 V/14 bit
Diameter 1×0 to 10 V/12 bit
Analog outputs
Electric brake / coupling PWM current output 0 to 4 A/24 V
Controller actuating signal 1×0 to ±10 V/14 bit
1×0/4 to 20 mA
Monitor output 1×0 to 10 V/10 bit
Digital inputs

3x potential-free
Signal “0”: – 5 V to + 2 V
Signal “1”: +8 V to + 30 V

Digital outputs 2x potential-free/short-circuit proof
Output voltage 24 V/max. 1 A
CAN interface 250 kBaud
Ethernet interface (UDP) RJ 30, 100 MBit
Dimensions (WxHxD) 100x100x9 (61 mm)
With Housing DC 6201/DC 6211 130x155x106 mm
Protection class

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