• Compact pivoting roller system with electrosensitive edge acquisition
  • Infrared edge sensor FR 52 for the acquisition of mesh belts
  • Ultrasonic edge sensor for the acquisition of closed conveyor belts in particularin dusty ambient conditions
  • Digital position controller with control structure for integral actuators ensuresa stable control loop
  • Actuator with linear guiding, self-locking trapezoidal spindle and torque arm provides precise correction.
Control accuracy < +/-1 mm (depending on the quality of the belt)
Nominal actuating travel +/- 60 mm
Nominal actuating speed 1 – 5 mm/s (adjustable)
Nominal actuating force 5 kN
Load Actuator ∅ 35 mm max. 5 kN
Fixed bearing ∅ 35 mm max. 5 kN
Ambient temperature 10 to50 °C
Operating voltage
Nominal value
Nominal range
Nominal range with power supply

24 V DC
20 – 30 V DC
115 – 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 3,6 A
Protection class IP 54
Weight without positioning roller 35 kg
Weight fixed bearing 2,8 kg

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