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The Selevideo 10K is a series of web inspection systems suitable for wide, middle or narrow web application.Thanks to the rotatable camera orientation and the colour corrected strobes the Selevideo 10K offers excellent flat lighting and flexibility for all viewing applications. The Selevideo 10K is available with a manual traverse and with a high performance variable speed motorized traverse with high torque stepper motor and micro-stepping drive.MODELS:

  • SELEVIDEO 10K LABEL: for narrow web applications
    Smaller camera dimensions
    (301x120x195 mm modello con spostamento manuale / 301x120x262 mm modello con spostamento motorizzato).
    Area of view: 130×100 mm
    Single Xenon Strobe
  • SELEVIDEO 10K: for middle web applications
    Standard camera (302x150x308 mm).
    Area of view: 130×100 mm
    Dual Xenon Strobe
  • SELEVIDEO 10K WIDE: for wide web applications
    Larger camera (350x220x403 mm)
    Area of view: 190×150 mm
    Quad Xenon Strobe


  • HD Digital camera
  • Rotable camera orientation
  • Resolution: 1280×960 pixels
  • Motorised 18x optical zoom
  • Motorised Iris and focus
  • 140/200 mm Achromatic close up lens
  • Synchronisation: Hall effect gear sensor
  • 2 inductive proximity end stop sensors
  • Power: 24Vdc – 100W
  • Console size: 35(H)x222(W)x125(D)mm
  • 15 key remote wired keypad
  • LCD monitor min. 22” /Full HD Elo Touch Monitor (ITOUCH option)
  • Manual traverse/ Motorized traverse with 20 mm linear guide rail


  • Split screen imaging
  • Register mark position storage (along web direction only)
  • Zoom preset
  • Label checking programs
  • Hyper-strobe
  • 180 degree image flip
  • Adjustable traverse speed
  • Adjustable image sharpness and contrast
  • Colour graphical on-screen display
  • Dynamic scan


  • Flexographic presses
  • Rotogravure presses
  • Web offset presses
  • Labeling machines



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