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SELEVISCO 9000 sensorsViscosity control system for inks, glues, varnishes.Selevisco control systems allow fluids viscosity measurement throughout a vibrating sensorial system immerged into the fluid object of the verification.The measuring head is protected by a very resistant capsule of small dimensions, integrating proper anchoring arrangements to external supports that allow its application easily and in very limited spaces. The application is normally suggested between the pumping system and the doctor blade chamber or the ink trays, interposing it along their connection pipeline. Throughout a precise comparative controller the system enables the consistency of different fluids mixture, therefore this type of application can be integrated and personalized in various industrial sectors.SELEVISCO series 9000 has been specifically engineered for controlling flexographic and rotogravure inks and offers the following features:

  • Wide range of application, this specific model is capable of viscosity verification within a field of 40 to 500 cps (corresponding approximately to 9 – 120 seconds using a Ford cup size 4) and therefore permits the control of inks, varnishes as well as many adhesives. Extremely high precision, granting an outstanding reading tolerance with the possibility of modulation according to specific needs throughout personalized modes.
  • The peculiar application allows controlling liquids in flowing conditions thus permitting its application directly on the supplying pipeline (i.e. between the supplying pumps and the inking or coating application heads). The system integrates temperature control for data modulation according to its variation.
  • Minimum maintenance, the absence of moving elements eliminates the necessity of frequent maintenance.
  • Furthermore, SELEVISCO can be integrated with a system of automatic washing cycles granting an efficient functionality for extremely long periods of time without special arrangements.The operating principle of the viscosity is adaptable to multiple solutions. The working principle based on the vibrating reed (Ford-4 or Zahn-2) guarantees high precision in measurements.
  • Major versions provide for the inline installation to the flow to be measured or offline within containers. Both solutions are based on the patented principle of the vibrating reed and guarantee extremely high precision and reliability.







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