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Selectra CNV/GRAF graphical control is structured around an LCD industrial PC. The high resolution color graphics display is used for visual parts programming. During part bending each step is displayed on the screen. Step by step question and answer programming with the use of icons make Selectra controls easy to understand and above all simple to use. CNV uses the arrow keys to generate the profile required. Then the system will calculate the bending sequence, bend allowance, blank size and tonnage. A simulation can then be run, accept the simulation and you are in production.


  • LCD high resolution color graphics display
  • 2-8 axis graphical control
  • Automatic calibration of all axis
  • Programs with 14 bends
  • Two program chaining
  • Automatic calculation of balnk size
  • Display and storage of tooling for 24 punches and 24 dies
  • Program and parameter back-up on 3.5″ floppy disks
  • Calculation of angles as a function of thickness, length, material resistance, punch and die size
  • Automatic bend sequence calculation and optimization
  • Automatic calculation of X axis retraction for return folds
  • Automatic pressure calculation
  • Immediate positions and angle correction
  • Programming by symbol or simple question & answer
  • Graphical display of the part drawing
  • Parts counter programming
  • Search menu for stored programs
  • Applications for mechanical, hydraulic and independently synchronized presses
  • Programs with 14 bends
  • Two program chaining
  • Automatic calculation of blank size

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