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With its capacity-free high voltage generator and higher-frequency voltage superposition,  ESA ROTO Film –  PRO counteracts the effect of charge buildup.  This ensures constant ESA performance even under difficult printing conditions and with different film substrates.  Capacity-free high voltage generation on the impression roller achieves the best print results and considerably reduces wastage and set-up times in a gravure press.  This unique technology fully breaks up unwanted electric double layers and eliminates disruptive static charges.

  •   Avoid critical static charges in fi lm substrates
  •   Monitoring of the impression rollers and ESA conditions on the ESA panel.
  •   Safety control recorder for all ENULEC devices and roller parameters (log fi le).
  •   Elimination of any combination of double layer and conventional charges.
  •   Highest safety standards guaranteed!

A further Enulec innovation is the optional »tachometric compensation « to automatically control ESA intensity dependent on web speed, independent of the operator.  Overcharged impression rollers and operator faults are a thing of the past.  Optimum ESA settings (FILM/PAPER) are guaranteed at any time.


Static charges are measured by Enulec Static Inline Control.  Implemented in the Roto-Green Advanced, it offers a suitable complement for controlling static charges for printing and converting processes.  This technology is used by major packaging manufacturers and leading gravure printing press manufacturers.

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